Maternity Shoot Tips & Tricks



When is the best time to do your maternity photo session?

The best period for a maternity shoot is between the 32nd and the 36th week of your pregnancy. If your're pregnant with twins (or triplets or more) it's better to do it between the 28th and the 32nd week. In both cases your belly is visible, has a perfect shape and you are fit enough to do a maternity shoot (and have fun at the same time).


That is why you should book your Maternity Shoot as soon as possible.



What to wear?

You can choose to do your maternity shoot with your own or our maternity dresses. We have the broadest assortment of dresses and costumes in the world. At this moment there are more than 100 haute couture maternity dresses in different styles, colors and sizes. We guarantee that there is a wide choice for everyone.


 If you choose to rent our dresses an additional fee of 59 euros applies. You can choose this option when booking. 


In order to match your underwear/lingerie with the dress take at least two/three sets underwear/lingerie in two/three colors: black/dark/white/red.


There is a limited choice of dresses for male partners. We advise them to wear a tidy casual dress in black, brown, dark blue, white. Avoid bright colors, large logos, jogging/sport suits.



Besides beautiful maternity dresses we offer 10.000 other items like shoes, jewellery, brooches, scarves, hats, flowers and all kids of gadgets and accessories.



What Styles and Themes are possible?

 For your unique and personal Maternity Shoot everything is possible: from pure & natural, to classic, elegant, artistic and glamorous styles.


We can picture your beautiful pregnancy in color and black & white, in various sceneries and with different backgrounds. You can combine two, three or even more styles (depending on the package; the bigger the package the more sceneries/dresses/styles we can do) during your pregnancy shoot. 




Classic Art












Dreamy Art


And many other styles, themes, sceneries are possible.



Make-Up & Hair Styling

Your Maternity Shoot will be a unique family asset for now and the future. It's crucial that you look stunning and well-groomed in the photo session.


Here are two options;


1. Our make-up artist can take care of your make-up and hair styling in a professional way.

2. You do your own make-up (and hair styling) at home.


Of course there is a 3rd option: no make-up/hair styling at all.


Let us know with your booking if you wish to book our make-up artist/hairdresser.


Can my family / my partner join the shoot?

Yes. It's possible but it depends on the package. Have a look at our packages and prices.


Your partner and a limited number of family members can join your photo session (depending on the package). At the same time we have to make clear that with Maternity Photography we focus us on the pregnant woman in the first place. We focus on the poses, chaning the clothes and sceneries, we try poses, gestures, etc. We are concentrated on our work.


It's in your own interest to limit the number of family members to an absolute necessary minimum. In other words: avoid taking your whole family (and friends!) to the studio. Maternity Photography and large crowds don't go hand in hand! The photo session will not be succesful, it will be chaotic and frustrating.


(Small) children must always be under your supervision.


Let us know how many persons will be in your shoot.


We reserve the right to limit the number of persons during the shoot.


Our Working Method


1. Book your Shoot

Book your photo session online or call/app/email us


2. Pay a deposit of 40%

You will receive a payment request which you pay online


3. You receive a confirmation

After your payment you'll receive a confirmation immedtiately


The rest of the sum, 60%, you will pay in the studio. You can pay by cash or credit/debit card.



Please, arrive on time!

It's crucial to start your shoot on time! Any delay from your side will result in a cancellation of the photo session without any compensation.   


If your visit in our studio starts with make-up or hair styling, you don't have to come earlier. Just arrive exactly on time as stated in your booking.



Photography & Editing

Your pictures will be made and edited according to our style, techniques, standards, style, etc. By booking your shoot with us you automatically agree with it.


Adjustments proposed by you to the pictures can be made at extra charge and are subject to our photographer’s approval.


You receive the number of edited pictures according to your package. You will select which photos will be edited.


Unedited pictures will not be distributed.



Additional Photos

You can buy additional photos or all photos from your shoot. You can also order an Express Service (delivery within 3 working days).


What is the best location for your Maternity Shoot?

Your Pregnancy Shoot can be done in our studio, outdoors/on location and at your home.


What are the characteristiscs, the prons and the cons of all these locations?


A Maternity Shoot in the studio offers a lot of advantages. This location is preferable when you choose to have different sceneries, dresses. Here we have our entire wardrobe and all the props, gadgets, backdrops and furnished spaces.


 In the studio we have all the facilities: photo equipment, lighting, furniture, back drops, sceneries, dresses, changing room, etc. In the studio we can create an unlimited number of sceneries, themes and expressions. We can be extremely creative. Alhough it's inside, we can use beautiful sunlight/daylight for your photo session.


Besides that, a shoot in the studio can always take place, regardless the weather or the season. During late autumn, winter and early spring our studio is the only option for a Maternity Shoot. Of course, we can do your shoot outside during this period when the weather is good for this time of year. 


Maternity Shoots outdoors can de done during spring, summer and autumn. There are many fascinating locations to do it. The scenery can be natural (parks, flowers, beaches), iconic, typical Dutch locatins or it can be a city with its landmarks and skyline. We can also visit sceneries with historic buildings (castles, windmills, town halls).


Your Maternity Shoot can also be done in your home. In this case we go for more a natural 'life-style' characteristic of your photo session.


Code of Conduct 

The co-operation between the photographer and the client is on an individual basis, close and personal. That is why we strictly apply a Code of Conduct during every photo session:


We place high value on a good, positive and respectful atmosphere during photo sessions. This is an important condition to realise stunning photos. When a customer is disrespectful, ruins the mood, we reserve the right to end the photo session prematurely, without compensation. In cases when the customer is aggressive, violent or in cases of theft, we'll immediately report this to the police and will take legal action.  


You're not allowed to make pictures yourself (with your smartfone/camera).


The customer must follow the instructions of our staff at all times.  



How will you receive your pictures?

Your photographer will send your photos digitally to you. It's possible to receive the pictures on a USB-stick at an additional fee.



How long will your pictures be stored?

We'll store your photos one month after the shoot. It's crucial that you choose your edited pictures within this time frame.


After one month (after your shoot) your pictures will be deleted.



How will you receive your pictures?

Your photographer will send your photos digitally to you. It's possible to receive the pictures on a USB-stick at an additional fee.



How long will your pictures be stored?

We'll store your photos one month after the shoot. It's crucial that you choose your edited pictures within this time frame.


After one month (after your shoot) your pictures will be deleted.



Rescheduling of your Maternity Photo session

We schedule your Maternity Shoot on an ideal date for you. We prefer to stick to this plan. We strongly discourage rescheduling.


Reschedule your Maternity Shoot only when this is really necessary!


You can reschedule your booking once. It can be done up to 10 days prior to your originally booked photo session.



Cancellation of your Maternity Photo session 

We strongly discourage cancellation of your booking because your deposit/down payment will not be refunded by us.