Tips & Tricks for Maternity Photography

Our photographers have many years of experience with this type of photography. We want to share our experience and knowlegde with you.

When is the best time to do your maternity photo session?

The best period for a maternity shoot is between the 32nd and 36th week of your pregnancy. If your're pregnant with twins (or triplets or more) it's better to do it between the 28th and 32nd week. In both cases your belly is visible, has a perfect shape and you are fit enough to do a maternity shoot (and have fun at the same time).

Booking of your maternity photo session

You can book your pregnancy photo session by contacting us. Your booking must always be confirmed by us. We always require a deposit to book your photo session. You pay the rest of the total sum of your shoot (and optionally other services and products) on the day of your photo session.  You will receive your pictures only if a full payment is made. 

Rescheduling of your maternity photo session

You can request us to reschedule your booking up to 15 days prior to your photo session without losing your down payment. However, your down payment will be forfeited if your reschedule request takes place less than 15 days prior to your photo session. This condition also applies for all additional services and products.

Please, arrive on time!

It’s crucial for you to arrive exactly on time. Ideally, arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time your photo session. By doing so we have enough time for a good preparation. And we have enough time to make a sufficient number of photos to choose from and to apply several themes and sceneries during your shoot in our studio.

Please, take into account that if your delay is longer than 15 minutes, we have to cancel your photo session. Your down payment will be forfeited.

Cancellation of your maternity photo session

You can cancel your booking up to 15 days prior to your photo session without losing your down payment. However, your down payment will be forfeited if you cancel your photo session less than 15 days prior to your photo session. This condition also applies for all additional services and products.

Maternity photography props, dresses & surrounding scenery

We offer the widest assortment of unique maternity dresses, shoes, caps, costumes and hundreds other items for photography in the Netherlands. We have them in many different styles, colours and sizes. This means that your pregnancy photo session can be glamoureus or natural, sensual, dramatic, minimalistic and it can take place in every style and expression in between. In order to create original, complete sceneries our studio also offers numerous props a fairy-tale swing, flowers, furniture, jewellery, an antique bathroom or a bedroom in Victorian style and many more. Additionally there are many different back drops in the studio to  make your sceneries complete. Here you can see a small part of our assortment.


Whats is the best location for a maternity photo session?

Your pregnancy photo session can take place almost anywhere; in our studio, at home, in a park, on the beach or close to the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam with the skyline of the city. Each of these locations have their characteristics. Here are the pros and cons of each of them:



This location is perfect when we want to create unique, artistic, natural, dramatic or glamorous charatcter of your pregnancy shoot. We have all facilities: photo equipment, lighting (natural light, bright light, dramatic effects, etc.), furniture, back drops, sceneries, dresses, changing room, etc. In the studio we can create an unlimited number of sceneries, themes and expressions. We can be extremely creative. Alhough it's inside, we can use beautiful sunlight/daylight for your photo session. We don't depend on the weather (as is the case with photo sessions outside) and there are no travel expenses for the customer. The studio is easily accessible for disabled persons. 


At home

Your home as a location for pregnancy photography gives a special, homely, natural character to your pictures. You will be photographed in your familiair, cosy environment. When you will look at your pictures, you will see that you, your family and your home form a special bond, a special unity. It might be something you don't realise in hasty, everyday life. 


When you decide to do your maternity shoot at home, you have to realise that our photographer is limited in the number of props and dresses that can be taken to your home. 


Outside/On location/In nature

Pregnancy photography on location is a fantastic option. There are limitless possibilities, sceneries and ideas. And we can do it year-round. It's great if you have an idea where to do your photo shoot. But our photographers know the most original, interesting places in Rotterdam and the Netherlands (and beyond), its parks, on the beach and in the dunes, with the unique Rotterdam skyline or in the historic centre of Delft. And our photographers know local best kept secrets.


If the weather doesn't allow us to do your photo session outside, we have two options: (1) doing your shoot in the studio or (2) rescheduling it (up to 3 days prior to your photo session).


Specific location 

This could be a castle, a historic building or a town hall. Such location gives a special, unique character to your pregnancy shoot. Please, let us know what's your desired location. And don't worry if you have no idea. Our experienced photographers will amaze you with their original ideas with regard to very special, surprising locations. They have years of experience and know local best kept secrets. 

What styles for pregnancy photography can you choose from? Which themes? 

As you can see in our portfolio , our studio offers a very divers and broad assortment of styles and themes; from glamorous, artistic to natural, simple, minimalistic and any other.  Our photographers can picture your beautiful pregnancy in color and black & white, in various sceneries and different backgrounds. You can combine two, three or even more styles (depending on package) during one pregnancy shoot. 

Make-up artist and hairstyling for your pregnancy photo session

This service is optional. Our experienced make-up artist will fully prepare you for your maternity photo session. Additionally our studio provides excellent hairstyling. See our full proposition here.

Can my family members and friends join my maternity photo session?

Yes. Your family members and friends can join you in your pregnancy shoot. The number of persons in the photo session depends on the package. See our proposition here.

Making pictures with smartfone or any other device during your shoot is not allowed.

We only allow persons who will be photographed in the studio. We only allow accompanying persons if it's necessary (parents, caregivers, etc.).

Editing of your pictures

Your pictures will be thoroughly retouched by our photographer. You decide which pictures will be edited. The number of edited pictures matches the number of the pictures which are in your package (see our prices and packages).

How will you receive your pictures?

Your photographer will send your photos digitally to you. The pictures will be edited (as described above) and they will be in high resolution.