Newborn Photography:  Hygiene precautions in our studio 


In our studio you can count on a safe and comfortable environment for our customers and us. There is a number of hygiene measures which our photographers apply during every newborn photo session, every day. 


There is only one customer (one family) simultaneously in our studio. Our photographers always plan at least 30 minutes pause between photo session. Upon arrival our customers are requested to wash their hands. Our studio is thoroughly cleaned every day. This means vacuuming, mopping and cleaning of every floor, surface, room and space which we use. We use disposable cleaning products. 


Of course all our props which are used in a newborn photo session are being cleaned after every customer. Many of the porps have disposable or removable covers which are changed after every customer. They can be launderd in a washing machine.


Our photographer will wear a mask if required by our customers. 


We air our studio constantly for fresh air.