Our Make-up Artist & Hairdresser


Make your photo session Perfect and Complete


Your photo session will deliver a unique souvenir for you, your family and friends. So it's important you look stunning and well-groomed during your shoot. And it's also important you look confident and relaxed. Our experienced Make-Up Artist and Hairdresser will prefectly prepare you for your beautiful photo session.


We offer the following options:


€ 79 for Make-Up

€ 89 for Make-Up with Eyelash Extension


€ 79 for Hairstyling


It takes about one hour to apply our excellent Make-Up. The same goes for Hairstyling. We approach every customer individually with utmost care and attention.



See many examples of our make-up and hair styling below:


make-up artist in studio
hair styling in studio
make-up artist blonde woman
make-up during shoot
make-up during newborn shoot
make-up during portrait shoot
make-up during pregnancy shoot