Quality of your photos

Our goal is to deliver pictures of superb quality to every customer.


First of all, your pictures will be made by an experienced, professional photographer. He or she successfully completed relevant education in the field of photography. Our photographers' skills development is an ongoing process and never stops. They know exactly how to handle the equipment, how to edith the photos, etc. But that's just the beginning.


A successfull and satisfying shoot can only be achieved when your photographer properly guides you thourgh your shoot, prepares you for it, discusses it with you and makes suggestions regarding all relevant aspects of the photo sessio.


Our studio is fully euqipped, decorated and furnished for your photo session. Whether it's a Newborn, Pregancy Shoot, Portrait or Boudoir: there are various speces, theme rooms, props, dresses, ambiances, gadgets and decorations to make your shoot complete. There is even a bathroom with an antique bath.