Why choosing Rotterdam Photography?

Our customers choose our studio for a number of reasons:


1. Our unique, broad Portfolio and our customer oriented approach

2. Our affordable prices 

3. Our unique props, dresses and studio

4. Our superb photo editing

5. Our full serivce

6. Our comfort & ease for you

7. Our knwowledge & professionalism.


Read more about our advantages here. 

pregnant woman and with baby

1. Diversified, original, broad Portfolio

Our studio offers all kinds of photography: Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby Shoots, Cake Smashes, Kids Photography, Portraits, Family Shoots, Boudoir, Casting and Business Photography. And within all these kinds of photography we also offer many styles, themes, backgrounds, light effects/shadows and photo making modes to suit every customer’s expectation. In our studio we have many different furnished spaces and rooms. 


Your shoot can take place in our professional, fully equipped studio or on a location: 

  • in the nature (on the beach, in a park, in a city center, etc.)
  • at your home
  • in a special location (a castle, town hall, a wedding palace or a smilar, etc.)
  • in your company

2. Our affordable prices and attractive packages

Our prices are much lower (40-70%) than our competitons’ prices. Other photographers in the Netherlands which deliver the same/comparable quality and amount of edited pictures are 40 to 70% more expensive. 

3. Props, dresses, furnished and decorated studio

You can rent our props, dresses and decorations for your shoot. Rotterdam Photography offers the broadest assortment in the world! Additionally our studio has various theme rooms and spaces for different types of photogaphy. There is, among others, a bedroom, a bathroom (with an antique bath), a living room, a babyroom and many more. 


We have a full range of props, sceneries, decorations for Pregancy, Newborn, Baby Shoots, Cake Smashes, Kids Photography, Portraits, Boudoir, Casting, Glamour, Wedding, Bachelor/Bachelorette and Family Photography.


Our studio will prefectly facilitate you, your baby and family. There is a diaper changing table, a microwave and a kitchen where you can prepare food for your baby, a bathroom, etc.

5. Our full service

We understand our customers and we know that they expect full service when visiting us for a photo shoot. That is why our photographers will deliver full service to you existing of: a professional photo session, guidance during the shoot, styling of your shoot with props, dresses, costumes, decorations, make-up and hairstyling.

6. Our comfort & ease for you

It begins with online booking of your shoot. You can order a Gift Card online for your loved ones. And you can communicatie with us in a number of ways. We'll reply very quickly to you message/booking. 


7. Our knowledge & professionalism

Our photographers are experienced. They successfully completed relevant education in the field of photography. They will also properly guide you through your shoot.