Premium Quality in all aspects

Your pictures will be taken by a professional photographer with high end equipment. And our quality doesn't end there. We implemented the highest standards in everyhing we do for you. 

Premium Quality Foto Editing & Retouching

Your pictures will be edited and retouched very well. In the example below you can see a tremendous difference between edited and unedited fotos. 

sweet newborn photo session
Unedited foto from newborn shoot
newborn photography example
Edited foto from a newborn shoot

pregnancy shoot in whtie dress
Unedited foto from maternity shoot
pregnant woman with bath
Edited foto from maternity shoot

As you can see we make a lot of improvements and adjustmens in the foto. This is needed even when a professional, experienced photographer makes your shoot with high-end equipment in the studio with excellent facilities. In general, the following numerous improvements can be made, depending on the type of the shoot: resizing/image scaling, sharpening or softening, blurring, color/brightness adjustments, noise reductions, removal of unwanted elements, overlays, adding special effects, selective color changes, image orientation, etc. Our studio doesn't provide unedited fotos. 


The edited pictures will be distributed in high resolution. Thanks to this high standard you'll be able to zoom in without loosing detail and quality. You'll also be able to print the pictures in high definition on canvas, paper and other media.

Large Selection of different pictures from your shoot

You select the pictures that you like from your entire foto session. You choose the number of fotos that matches with the number of fotos in your package. See our prices and packages.


During your shoot the photographer makes really a lot of pictures to capture different decorations, themes, poses, backdrops, etc. To give you an impression; during a Golden Package shoot our photographer makes around 100 fotos. 

Premium quality photo and supporting equipment

Our photographers rely on high-end foto equipment which consists of cameras, (special) lights, flashes, printers, softboxes, etc.  Your pictures are edited on top-of-the-shelf computers and editing software. Your fotos are stored on 3 locations to make sure that they are save and always available: storage on a hard drive in the studio and an extrenal harddrive and in the cloud. 

Premium quality studio, props, dresses and decorations

Here are some impressions from our furnished and fully equipped foto studio. 

bath for various foto sessions
fireplace for family shoots
bed and car for newborn shoots

clothes and props for baby shoots
costumes for newborn foto sessions
swing for maternity shoots

briad assortment of props for photography
indian tent for newborn shoot
dresses for pregnancy shoots

As you can see our studio contains many different rooms/stages with decorations and furniture for every kind of foto session.