Why is a Maternity Shoot so special?

Why is it so important for you as a mother to be? Why should you do it?

Eventhough you can have more than one child, being pregant is always and every time a unique phase in your life. After all, every pregnancy is special, is different; let’s say; a kind of its own. It is also special to your partner, your family and friends. And let’s don’t forget your other children; it’s also a special happening to them. That is also my personal experience. 


Pregnancy brings change to your home, your family and everyone and everything around it. A very characteristic thing with pregnancy is that it combines two opposite things; at this moment you are looking forward and very soon you will be looking back, remembering this exciting, beautiful phase of your life. 

pregnant woman looking

Don’t miss the moment

Now and then I speak young mothers in my surrounding. We also meet them in our studio with newborn photography. Many of them regret they didn’t do a maternity shoot. Sometimes they tell us that the intention was really there, but they were too late. They gave birth a few weeks earlier or they simply felt to tired in their final days of pregnancy. And of course, there’s a perfect solution to that challange; book your shoot between the 32nd and 36th week of your pregnancy. Preferebly, do it a little realier. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Beautiful pictures as the best, timeless souvenir

This sounds cliché, doesn’t it? And that’s ok, because clichés are true. You and your loved ones will look at these beautiful pictures the moment you receive them from us. And then shortly after that. And then a few times when your baby grows. By the time your child graduates from college you looked many, really many times at these special pictures.

Creating something new, something you have never done before

Yes. You will be creating something to be proud of; a stunning photoshoot. Eventhough you might think; I have to step out of my 'comfort zone'. That's really good. Believe us. It's true. We have done it so many times now. We get feed-back from our customers many times. And nobody regrets the decision to do a pregnancy shoot.

Yes. Make them jealous! You will be really original

Maternity photography seems to be very popular. It looks like every mother (to be) is doing it. In reality it is not that common as you might think. To be frank; it’s still a unique thing. Of course you might know people in your surrounding who did it. But a lot of others didn’t. Anyway, your maternity shoot will be very original and your friends and family will always be amazed. And they will be a little jealous too.