Maternity Photography

Dresses & Props, Make-up & Hairstyling, Gift Card

You are pregnant. That is wonderful! For this special occassion we have prepared a full service package for your pregnancy shoot containing an excellent photo session, unique dresses, props, decorations, make-up and hairstyling. Our services are affordable for everyone. You can also order a Gift Card. See our Tip & Tricks below.

Maternity Photography


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We offer countless styles and themes in photo sessions; from glamour and color to natural and minimalistic. And from glowing and elegant to basic, essential & classic. In our studio you can mix different styles in one maternity shoot. That's really unique for a maternity photographer

Dresses, Props, Decorations for Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography requires  fashion, elegance or just the opposite: simplicity and purity. It doesn't matter which styles you choose. Our props, dresses, decorations and furnishing of the studio will create uniqueness. It will always match your personal taste and preferences. You can rent an unlimited number of unique items for a very reasonable price

Make-Up Artist & Hairstyling for Maternity Photography

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There are important reasons for having make-up and hairstyling for a pregnancy shoot. Of course, the most obvious reason is to look charming, well-groomed. But there is another, relevant reason: to match your appearance with the style, fashion, elegance or the purity of your maternity shoot. Our make-up artist knows exactly how to create this important match and how to match it with a professional camera and lighting. The prices of our make-up and hairstyling suit every pocket

Our affordable Prices & Packages for Maternity Photography

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Our studio offers the best deals in the Netherlands; excellent pregnancy shoots (and other photo sessions) for very reasonable prices

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Our Gift Card for Maternity Shoot

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Surprise your loved ones with the most original present: a Gift Card for a professional Pregnancy Shoot. We offer Gift Cards for all packages which can include props, dresses, make-up and hairstyling.

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Our Tips & Tricks for Maternity Photography

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We have years of experience as Maternity Photographers. We did hundreds of shoots with customers who had very different needs. Thoughout the years we encountered all kinds of situations and surprises. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you

Stay fascinated and informed

our Maternity Photography

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Our maternity photographers write their fascinating and informative blogs. They share interesting news items about our studio, new our services and ideas. Stay tuned!

Save up to € 150

on Maternity & Newborn Shoots 

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We are the only photographer who offers a Combination of a Maternity and a Newborn Photosessions. You can save up € 150 when you book both sessions with us