We are the only photographer to introduce Combined Maternity & Newborn Photo Sessions

What is it exactly and why should you book it?

We are the first and the only photographer to introduce a Combined Maternity & Newborn Shoots. This means that we offer a possibility to book two shoots with a huge discount up to € 100. Check our prices and packages here. You will not find a better deal in the Netherlands. Besides that you’ll get our props, dresses, decorations for free with both photo sessions! So it’s really wort hit! But it’s not all about the discount only. We’ll capture this important phase in your life in a stunning way in our professional studio. You’ll get a lot of excellent, thoroughly edited pictures. And you’ll be perfectly prepared for your shoots with our make-up and hairstyling. And last but not least: we always guarantee that we can book your newborn photo session in the first two weeks after birth. 

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See our extended Combined shoots portfolio. 

Have a look at our portfolio of different photo sessions. You can see that there is a wide variety of styles, themes, ambiances, decorations which can be used. You don't have to choose for only one style, theme. We can combine them within one photo session. This, of course, depends on the package which you choose. The bigger the package the more room we have for variation and combination.

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What’s the best period for our combined shoots?

The best period for your maternity photo session is between the 32nd and 36th week of your pregnancy. Your belly is already visible. And you’ll still have enough energy. Of course we can do it later (37th-40th week), but you’ll be more tired. And there’s a chance that you’ll give birth earlier. 


The best period for your baby’s newborn shoot is in the 2nd-3rd week after birth. You baby sleeps relatively much and this helps to make a stunning shoot. At the same time the photographer has the biggest chance to capture those typical newborn poses. 

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When should you contact us?

Please, contact us 3-4 weeks ahead of your planned visit to our studio to book your pregnancy shoot. We can then easily find your desired date/time in our schedule. 

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Tips & Tricks for Combined Shoots

We don't expect our customers to be experts on photography but our advice is to read our tips and tricks on Combined Maternity and Newborn Photography. We have a lot of experience and knowledge and we share all that valuable information with you. You can find it here.

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Make-up & Hairstyling

You’ll not only look stunning, but your well-groomed appereance will match the photography elegance, style and theme’s. You’ll feel more self confident. You’ll have fun. You’ll discover new things. You’ll have a fresh look at yourself. Our pregnancy and newborn photography with make-up and hairstyling are a kind of its own. We delivery excellent quality at a very reasonable price. See our entire proposition here.

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Taste the atmosphere in our studio during maternity and newborn shoots. You can see videos on this page below.

See our maternity shoot backstage

See our newborn shoot backstage

See our make-up artist backstage