CombiShoot (Pregnancy & Newborn Shoot)

Save up to € 200 on both shoots

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! We have prepared a full and an excellent service package for you;   

  • two professional and pleasant shoots (Pregnancy & Newborn) under the guidance of an experienced photographer
  • excellent photo editing
  • props, dresses, furnished theme rooms in our studio
  • optional: make-up artist and hairstyling
  • Our CombiShoot Gift Card is a unique present to your loved ones.

Our CombiShoot Portfolio

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In both photo sessions (Maternity & Newborn) you can choose from many, various styles and themes. Whether it’s a glamorous, elegant or classic, natural shoot; we have them all for you. You can mix those different styles during your photo sessions. 

Our Dresses, Props

Decorations & Gadgets for Combined Shoots

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Our studio offers an unlimited number and variety of props, dresses, decorations, gadgets and furnished spaces and rooms to meet all your wishes and demands. 

Make-Up Artist & Hairstyling

for Combined Shoots

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Our make-up artist will do anything to make you look fantastic. Our motto is: the camera loves you and you love the camera every time you visit our studio. And there is another important reason for visiting our make-up artist. It’s important to match your appearance with the style, fashion, elegance or the purity of your pregnancy photo session. Our experienced make-up artist knows, like no other, how to perfectly make that match. And it’s done for an affordable price. 

Our affordable prices

for Combined Photo Sessions

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We offer the best deals in the Netherlands for all sorts of photo sessions. Check our prices for Combined Shoots.

You can book your Combined Shoots Online

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Our Gift Card for Combined Shoots

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Your loved ones and friends will love this original present for a Combined Maternity & Newborn Shoot.

Contact us about Combined Shoots

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Ask us questions about Combined Maternity & Newborn Photography

Our Tips & Tricks for Combined Shoots

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Our photographers have years of experience with Maternity and Newborn shoots. They made thousands of photo sessions. They encountered differen situations and surprises. And that is why they want to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Stay fascinated and informed on our Combined Shoots

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