Children Photography (1-16 years)

They grow so fast. Let's capture this moment.


We have prepared a full and an excellent service package for you and your Child;   

  • a professional and a pleasant shoot under the guidance of an experienced photographer
  • excellent photo editing
  • props, dresses, furnished theme rooms in our studio
  • optional: make-up artist and hairstyling
  • Our Children Shoot Gift Card is a unique present for your loved ones.

Our Portfolio Children Photography

girl with teddy bear

Even though our Children Photography covers a wide age range (1-16 years), it perfectly fits every age group  and the corresponding styles, themes and personal needs. Our photographers know how to fulfill all their desires, no matter the age. Additionally we have different furnished spaces decorations, back drops, props, gadgets etc. to create a fantastic surrounding for your child’s photo session. 

Our Dresses, Props, Toys, Furniture, Decorations & Gadgets

boy child in a balloon

From teddy bears, princess dresses to cool graffiti and ‘sweet sixteen’ glitter & glamour; we have it all for your child’s photo session. Our broad assortment props, decorations, items etc. covers all styles, all ages (1-16 years) and all desires. 

Make-Up Artist & Hairstyling for Children Photography

make up children photography

You will look fabulous and you will feel great with our professional make-up and hairstyling. Looking well-groomed and feeling confident is not an unnecessary luxury. Especially when you are sharing the spotlights during a shoot with your children. 

Our affordable Prices & Packages for Children Photography

girl with a duck

Our photographers deliver excellent quality. Nevertheless, our superb services are 40 to 70% cheaper than our competitors’. And we deliver more pictures than any other photographer in the Netherlands. 

Our Gift Card for Children Photography

gift card for children photo session

Nowadays it’s difficult to find a real original present for children. After all, they have it all. But believe us; our Gift Card will surprise even the most demanding friends and relatives. You can customize your voucher by adding props, costumes, make-up and hairstyling. 

Contact us or book your Children Photo Session online

laughing children

Contact us, ask us questions online. You can also easily book your Children Photo Session online. 

Our Tips & Tricks for Children Photography

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Good preparation is half the work. That also goes for Children Photography. Read our Tips & Tricks where we give you a lot of advice. This is based on years of experience and knowledge of our photographers.

Stay fascinated and informed on our Children Photography

boy child celebrating

We love to share our knowledge, experience and developments on Children Photography and other photography styles. We publish our fascinating blogs on a regular basis. So stay tuned!