Cake Smash Photography (First Birthday)

Shoot, Dresses, Decorations, Toys & Props, Make-up & Hairstyling, Gift Card

Our Portfolio Cake Smash Photography

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We are the only photographer to offer an unlimited number of styles and themes for your Cake Smash Shoot. It varies from a fairy tale and glamour to natural, minimalistic, classic. And we are the only studio to offer the possibility to have several different style during your photo session. 

Our Dresses, Props, Toys, Furniture, Decorations & Gadgets

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A beautiful, unique Cake Smash Shoot is unthinkable without original props, decorations, dresses and toys. We offer hundreds of them. Our experienced photographers will match them together to create fairytales and themes to fascinate you and your child. 

Themes & Fairytales for Cake Smash Shoots

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Our studio offers an unimited number of decorations, themes and styles where you can choose from. We also offer fixed themes for photo sessions like Cookie Monster, Unicorn, Jungle, Botanic Garden and many more. In this option the photographer will prepare a set of props and decorations to create that specific theme. 

Make-Up Artist & Hairstyling for Cake Smash Photography

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Even with Cake Smash moms share the spotlights with their children. That’s why it’s crucial to look great and well-groomed, to feel confident. Our make-up artist and hairstylist will take care of you and they will additionally match your make-up, your appereance with Cake Smash style.

Our affordable Prices & Packages for Cake Smash Photography

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We are the only photographer in the Netherlands to offer superb quality for 40-70% lower prices than our competitors. At the same we offer far more edited pictures than other photographers.

Our Gift Card for Cake Smash Photography

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What’s so special about our Gift Card for a Cake Smash? It’s a unique surprise for your friends and loved ones. In our voucher you can also add props, make-up and hairstyling. The feed-back we get from our customers is that the beneficiary found our voucher a unique gift. 

Contact us or book your Cake Smash Shoot online

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Contact us, ask us questions online. You can also easily book your Cake Smash Shoot online. 

Our Tips & Tricks for Cake Smash Photography

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You can perfectly prepare yourself and your family for a Cake Smash Shoot in our studio. Read our Tips & Tricks where we give you a lot of advice. This is based on years of experience and knowledge of our photographers. 

Stay fascinated and informed on our Cake Smash Photography

We love to share our knowledge, experience and developments on Cake Smash and other photography styles. We publish our fascinating blogs on a regular basis. So stay tuned!