Baby Shoot (1-12 months)

"Can’t wait to see that sweet little smile."


We have prepared a full and an excellent service package for you and your Baby;   

  • a professional and a pleasant shoot under the guidance of an experienced photographer
  • excellent photo editing
  • props, dresses, furnished theme rooms in our studio
  • optional: make-up artist and hairstyling
  • Our Baby Shoot Gift Card is a unique present for your loved ones.

Shoot, Dresses, Costumes & Props, Toys, Make-up & Hairstyling, Gift Card

Our Portfolio

Baby Photography

baby girl in bath

For your Baby Shoot our studio offers limitless possibilities; from fairytale, glamour, elegant and classic styles to natural, minimalistic, black & white themes. Of course, you can choose for more than one style during your photo session. Our baby photographer will assist you on this matter to fully satisfy you.

Our Dresses, Props, Toys, Furniture, Decorations & Gadgets

baby in fabrics

Your Baby Shoot can be completed with our props, dresses, toys and decorations. Our studio offers them in many styles, colours and themes. Our photographer will help you with matching of various items to create a fairy tale. We offer countless styles; from glamourous and colourful to simple, minimalistic. Your baby photo session will always tell your unique, individual story. 

Make-Up Artist & Hairstyling

for Baby Photography

make-up artist at work

As a happy mom you will apper in front of our camera during your baby’s photo session. You want to look well-groomed, to feel fantastic, you want to glow. Our make-up artist will take care of you to achieve that. And there is more. It’s crucial for you to match your appereance with the style, elegance, fashion of your baby photo session. Our professionals know exactly how to realise that match. And they do it for a reasonable price.

Our affordable Prices & Packages

for Baby Photography

baby on the moon

In our studio you’ll receive a Baby Shoot of superb quality. Yet our prices are 40-70% lower than the prices of other photographers in the Netherlands.

You can book your Baby Shoot Online

baby with a towel

Our Gift Card for Baby Photography

baby in fabric

There’s no better surprise than a Gift Card for a professional Baby Shoot. In our voucher you can also include props, decorations, make-up and hairstyling. 

Contact us or book your Baby Shoot online

baby in pool

You can contact us, ask us questions online. You can also book your Baby Shoot online. 

Our Tips & Tricks for Baby Photography

baby in chair

After thousdands of Baby Shoots our photographers gained a lot of experience and knwoledge. During all those photo sessions they encountered many nice surprises and challenges and they met customers with different needs. This goldmine of knowledge is a great basis for us and our services. Read our Tips & Tricks in order to know what to expect in the studio and how to prepare your baby and your family for a great Baby Shoot.

Stay fascinated and informed on our Baby Photography

Our photographers love to share their informative blogs and stories. They have interesting news items for you regarding Baby Photography. Check our Blogs regularly.