Is Rotterdam Photography expensive?

No. We are not expensive. Our services are 40-70% cheaper than our competitors' services which deliver the same quality of photography. 


If you are comparing us to other photographers, please pay attention to these relevant aspects:

  1. Of course, the most important is quality. Be sure you are comparing a photogtrapher who delivers the same quality as we do. 
  2. Be sure you're well informed about the actual number of edited photos which our competition will deliver. Most of our competitors deliver less edited pictures than we do.
  3. Don't be deceived by our competitors' sales pitch indicating a low price. There are even studios which attrack their customers with photo sessions for free. It's a pitfall to tempt you to book a shoot there. In reality you'll be charged a lot of money for a few edited pictures. A lot of our clients are telling us about it because they became victim of these tactics. Additionally we are monitoring our competition on a regular basis.