How do we edit your pictures?

Our photographers edit your pictures thoroughly; with passion and in a professional manner. Their goal is to deliver superb quality and to provide you with a wonderful memory. The pictures show beauty, elegance, glamour, emotion, happiness or natural simplicity.


But what exactly are our photographers doing in order to deliver that? Here we some up their activities, style and techniques. This list is not exhaustive but gives a good overview:


  • Light / contrast, color intensity corrections, etc;
  • Corrections of shadows, creation of depth in the picture, etc;
  • (Subtle) corrections of figure, skin, etc;
  • Image cropping;
  • Elimination of disturbing objects, shadows, etc;
  • Corrections of the backdrops, scenery, ambiance, etc;
  • Optional addition of filters, overlays;
  • Optional addition of different effects;
  • Optional addition of texts.

Our editing style and techniques are used to make your pictures look better. This also means that your pictures, despite corrections and improvemenets, still have to look natural, realistic. It's not our goal to make you a different person in the picture than you really are. So if for example you have wrinkles, we can make it look esthetic, beautiful. But don't ask us to remove all your the wrinkles. And remember: extreme editing of your picture has its limitations. Your pictures will not look natural and will tend to be fake, kitschy, cheap.