Broadest assortment & portfolio in Maternity Shoots

Tastes differ. Every customer in our studio has its preferences regarding Maternity Photography. And we approach every customer individually. That is why we have created countless themes and styles for your Pregnancy Shoot. We are adding new ideas and concepts almost every day. Of course, you decide which style will be used. And it's possible to use more than one style or theme in one photo session. Explore our inspiring ideas below. 


  • Elegant & Classy
  • Black, White & Pure
  • Artistic & Creative
  • Nature, Location & Outdoors
  • Lots of Fun
  • Fairy Tale
  • Four Seasons
  • Traditions & Rituals

Elegant & Classy

In our every day lives we often don't have time, energy nor the opportunity, to be elegant, fashionable; to be special. Maybe you don’t even care about it. But believe me. You'll love leaving the daily routine behind for a moment. You will discover that you deserve a little attention for a while; especially in this memorable period of your life. Our studio offers the broadest assortment of elegant and classy dresses for a maternity photo session. Just have a look below.

Black, White & Pure

In this style the photographer is not only focussed on the beauty of your maternity but also on its simplicity and purity. Our photographer will preserve this very special moment forever by a fantastic play of light and shadow. 

Artistic & Creative

This style in pregnancy shoots enables us to visualise you in an artistic way; in a way that your picture would amaze countless eyes in a gallery.

Nature, Location & Outdoors

Our studio is a perfect location for your pregnancy shoot. But there are lots of loctions outside, in the nature, which will vorm a fantastic, unique surrounding for your maternity photo session. What about a castle, a beach or a beautiful park? What about the impressive skyline of Rotterdam with it's iconinc buildings. 


Whether it's summer, winter, autumn or spring: we are able to step outside with a camera throughout the whole year. And did you know that in 93% of the time it's not raining in the Netherlands?

Lots of Fun

Maternity Shoots love extremes. We can do an elegant, an artistic or a serious photo session. At the same time we can do an amusing, a playful, a funny one. A laugh during your maternity shoot is not only a healthy thing. It's also a very original way to express this important phase of your life.

Fairy Tale

Our photographers will turn your maternity shoot into a fairy tale. In our studio we have all the ingredients to achieve that; unique pregnancy dresses, decorations, furniture, gadgets, hats, swings, jewelry and 10.000 other original items. And last but not least: our photographers' ideas are limitless. 

Four Seasons

We strongly focus on the appearance of a season. That's because it adds so much atmosphere to your pregnancy photo session. Every period of a year is special. Just have a look in the pictures below to see how unique your maternity shoot can be when projected in one of the seasons.

Traditions & Rituals

Here our photographers get amazed by the originality, the colours, the uniqueness of the clothes, the costumes and props which our customers take with them to the studio. It's your tradition and your identity. At the same time it's our professional photography. We'll mix both together for your exclusive and very personal maternity shoot.